Fair Warning!

Fair Warning!

1. All item will be reserved for only two days therefore please proceed with the payment within two days to avoid any cancellation of your order.
2. We are not responsible for any damage throughout delivery.
3. All item listed are not including the postage charges.
4. Payment must be made only through our Maybank Account.
5. Goods sold are not returnable nor refundable.
6. Enjoy :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flower Shawl

Price: RM 10

Code: H004a


Code: H004b

Code: H004c

Code: H004d

Code: H004e

Code: H004f  SOLD OUT

Code: H004g

Code: H004h

Code: H004i 


Code: H003
-Brick red
-Baby blue
Price: RM 5

Beaded shawl

Code: H002
Size: 1.62m x 0.94m
- Soft pink
-Green grass
-Baby blue
-Dark green
-Striking pink
Price: RM 10


Code: HOO1
Size: 1.75m x 0.68m
-Striking pink
-Soft pink
-Soft peach 
-Soft purple
Price: RM10